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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune Latest 1.18.2
Tip Joc SMP Adventure Casual Community Grief Prevention Keepinventory PvP Survival Semi Vanilla Survival Vanilla Survival
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare23 Jul 2023
Data inregistrarii09 Aug 2020


Gamerland/Gamerskies, is a network of Skyblock and SMP. With a small but dedicated community. We're always looking for new active members of the server. Our Skyblock has opened on 7/22/2023. So if youre seeing this within that date! I'd suggest joining to compete for is top. Is top will have a $25 award at the end of this month as well!. 

I look forward to seeing all the new players and am very excited for the new development of GamerSkies!

You can join our discord @

Owned by Xcapp

Minecraft Rules:

[​1] No hacking
Any 3rd party modification of the game, not including the following mods, are not allowed. Also no xray texture packs of any kind.
Optifine, Badlion, or Labymod.

[​2] No Griefing
Griefing of any kind, claimed or not, is not allowed. This includes stealing. If someone wants you to leave their base, leave. If you don't you can be punished. No Building within 75 blocks of someones base without permission from them.

[​3] No Spamming
Spamming characters, text, or words. Staff can determine what they think is enough to be punished for spam.

[​4] Overly Vulgar
This means that if you use swear words excessively, you will be punished. This also includes discrimination of any extent

[​5] Player/Staff Disrespect
Being rude to any player for no reason is not allowed. Saying they suck, are bad, or are stupid/dumb, does not count as disrespect.

[​6] Duping/Bug Glitching
Duping or using glitches to get ahead are not allowed. Afk fishing doesn't count.

[​7] Additional Info
Staff and player will be treated as equals with rules. Staff will be punished more severely. Also tell me if there's a rule you think i should add.