The Wild

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Tip Joc Survival Semi Vanilla No Griefing Griefprevention Arena Pvp Big Map Discord Wild
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Almost-vanilla survival enhanced with Grief Prevention, Dynmap and one or two others beside, has PvP enabled and a community so fantastic that they have moved from one side of the world to the other, and has seen three weddings besides.

Server description

A good, simple survival server, running since 2012, close to vanilla but with the addition of Grief Prevention to allow players to claim land to protect their houses from griefing. PvP is enabled, although PvP isn't the focus of the server - there are plenty of players who play only to build, and do not partake in PvP, along with some who do play to PvP. The spawn area is PvP protected, and the Grief Prevention plugin means you’re safe if you build a safe house. New players are also immune to PvP for their first week although they can remove the protection early if they wish. We stay up to date with Minecraft releases, usually waiting a couple of weeks for testing & updates to plugins we use etc - we don’t rush upgrades and risk the works of our playerbase (although the world is backed up every few hours of course!)

Players can use a bed to set their home location to which they can teleport with the /home command at any time.

An all new world was brought into play late 2022, but the previous world remains online and playable (but with separate inventory) - we don't believe in throwing away people's hard work, but at the same time wanted to keep things fresh.



The server has a forum and a Discord linked to in-game chat, where some of the more active community and mod team can be found when they’re not in-game. We have a close knit community, with a wide mix of ages and nationalities. Our staff team run seasonal events, and build competitions with the winner receiving excellent in-game prizes

We have a friendly and helpful staff team to help keep things running smoothly.

We are not currently looking for more staff but when we do, long-standing help and respected members of the community are invited to step up.



Some simple rules we like to follow:

Do not build trapped portals
No begging for items, creative mode, unbans, ops etc
Don’t use hacks or glitches to gain an unfair advantage
No advertising other servers
Try not to build too ugly!
Use common sense
Don’t be an arsehole!

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