Dark Rebellion RP

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Website darkrebellionrp.wordpress.com
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Versão An Empire Divided PreCU D20 Total Conversion Core3 SWGEmu
Tipo Roleplay Total Conversion D20 Custom Content Custom Planets New Gameplay Dungeon Masters Events No Grind Jedi Enabled
Localização United States
Última Atualização13 Nov 2022
Data de Entrada13 Nov 2022


Welcome to Dark Rebellion RP, one of the very first D20-based roleplay-centric Total Conversions for SWGEmu.

Our goal is to create the absolute best roleplaying platform for Star Wars Galaxies roleplayers ever made. By throwing out the limitations that SWG puts on the player in the name of making an MMORPG, we've cracked the game wide open to allow for a wide variety of possibilities and opportunities for roleplay. If you've ever roleplayed on a live SWG server, get ready for the most immersive roleplaying experience brought to the game!


  • Turn-based Combat and GURPS-inspired skills for complex characters and actions.
  • Dungeon Master system that can change the world and orchestrate NPCs for deep and interesting events and missions.
  • Landable and player-ownable ships: Roleplay out your journey across the stars with your own motley crew.
  • Custom planets built for roleplay. Both familiar and brand new planets, custom made for Dark Rebellion.
  • Weapons & Armor have special stats, like d20 damage values for an immersive RPG experience.
  • No Grind: Roleplay experience to gain new skills is gained passively and by attending Dungeon Master events.
  • Full Customization: Everyone has full access to all clothing items, with the ability to customize them at will. Image Designer is fully available to all players as well.
  • New content from experienced developers. Access to Empire in Flames specials like new species, vehicles, and holsterable weapons. 


Dark Rebellion takes place in an alternate timeline within the original Expanded Universe continuity. Starting six months after the Battle of Endor, which was a fiece and devastating loss for the Rebellion after the Endor shield never came down. The fully operational Death Star II decimated the Rebel fleet, and turned its laser on the sanctuary moon. Before the Empire could celebrate its near total victory over the Rebellion, the Death Star turned on the Executor, destroying the Super Star Destroyer before jumping to lightspeed, never to be seen again. The Empire is given a stay of execution, as many fear the AWOL Emperor Palpatine may re-appear with his superweapon at any time, and the threat of a New Republic is no more. The remnants of the Rebellion gathered on the Sullustan moon of Sulon. With all of their former leaders and founders dead, the new leaders of the Rebellion could not agree on the direction the movement should take after such a devastating loss. In the end, they split and went seperate ways; one forming an authoritarian militia, another a terrorist group of revenge, one seeking to change the Empire from within, and one becoming galactic vigilantes. What will you do? Who will you join? Experience a new outcome to the greatest story ever told; and endure the Dark Rebellion!

If you have ever been interested in SWG Roleplay then this is the time to try it out. Come join us today, create your characters, and join in on the adventure!

Regular events and DMing will begin November 22nd, 2022.