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Tipo 2x Active Admin Community Weekly Wipe Fun
Localização United Kingdom
Última Atualização29 Jul 2023
Data de Entrada17 Jul 2023


Welcome to mozzz14's Rust Server!
Make sure to read the rules, introduce yourself in our Discord and have fun.

Server Features:
- AntiSpam in chat.
- Raid Block / Combat Block etc.
- Custom Events.
- Better Loot.
- Airdrops are marked on the map.
- Airdrops land exactly on smoke signals.
- Active Admins.
- Furnace Splitter.
- Building Skins Unlocked (Adobe etc).
- Workbench range extends to entire base.
- Crates float when in water.
- Supply drops float in water.
- Boomboxes can be installed into cars.
- Crafting speed increased.
- Smelting speed increased.
- Food is displayed when put in barbeques.
- Low fuel warning when in minis/scrap heli.
- All stats are tracked and can be seen with /pr.
- Daily restarts at 8am GMT.
- Trade with other players with /trade (playername).

- (VIP) Ride and use bradley apc at the end of wipe (needs admin to spawn in).
- (VIP) Furnace Stopper, furnaces stop when out of fuel.)
- (VIP) Fuel Gauge shows when in vehicles.
- (VIP) Bypass Queue.
- (VIP) Displays held ammo on screen.
- (VIP) [VIP] Rank in game.

Server Rules:

- The use of racist, sexist or other offensive language can and will result in a mute or ban.
- Only English in the chat.
- No Cheating/Exploiting/Scripting/Glitching etc, cheating of any kind is an instant ban, INCLUDING STREAMSNIPING
- Do NOT call out hackers or cheaters. Report them through a ticket and F7.
- Show respect to players and admins
- No Advertising/Spamming
- No VC soundboards/voice spam
- Don't impersonate staff or players
- Don't leak personal information about yourself or others
- If you have any previous rust game bans on  different accounts, you are not allowed to play here
- Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers etc is an instant ban.

Rules can change at any time so make sure to check the rules regularly for updates.
Don't try to find loopholes it will result in a ban

Enjoy the Server!