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Versão Osrs
Tipo Amazing nex Nightmare rsps osrs Oldschool Runescape
Localização United States
Última Atualização10 Apr 2024
Data de Entrada10 Apr 2024




Before you continue we are currently looking for support and mods who will help bring us to where we want to be helping with guides players and general support in discord if your interested dont hesitate to message me on discord.

First player  to max account will get a 50$ bond 
First max ironman will get a 100$ bond
First hardcore ironman will get 200$ bond
Five discord invites will get a 10$ bond
First 5 players to get a whip will get 2 10$ bonds 
First 10 to 10 days consecutive votes will get 10$ bond

📢Hello adventurers,
We are thrilled to announce the launch of RuneShores, a brand-new RSPS that promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.
What Sets RuneShores Apart?
– Immersive Gameplay:
– Dive into a world filled with rich lore, challenging quests, and thrilling adventures.
– Custom Content: Nex, Nightmare, Wildy bosses with Voidwaker Pvp , Eco Tob, upgrade table and burn points random key drops.
– Explore unique areas, encounter never-before-seen monsters, and discover exclusive items.
– Active Community:
– Join a vibrant community of fellow adventurers where you can forge alliances, compete in events, and embark on epic journeys together.
– Dedicated Staff:
– Our team is committed to providing top-notch support, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone.
Get ready to redefine your RuneScape experience
> RuneShores is a Semi-Custom RSPS aimed at keeping the core features of OSRS while introducing new ways to play the game from multiple experience rates to choose from and game modes to play on.
> We also have some custom content with lore that will give you a unique take on a familiar game.
🚀 Get yourself lost for hours exploring the amount of content that we bring to the table
💻 Grab the Client –
🤼 Join Discord –
🔥 In-game competitions 🎁


The Soon to be 1# Osrs Server!
★ - make IRL Cash By Pking or trading Loot with other players 1$ Fragments 10 have a 50% chance of 1$ ticket
★ - Torva, Zaryte c bow, Crystal armour and weapons, Shadow, Ancient GS And more!
★ - Nightmare
★ - Nex
★ - Faster Xp and fair drop rates for eco!
★ - Torva, Masori, Shadow and more!
★ - Theatre Of Blood Full
★ - Chamber Of Xerics Full
★ - Loads of Minigames
★ - Inferno With Waves
★ - Nice Community
★ - Collection Log
★ - Achivments
★ - Combat Achivments
★ - Runelite + HD
★ - Tons of Content With Content!
★ - Open to suggestions for New Areas!!
★ - Need a Staff and Support Team
★ - Released April 10 2024


Discord: [URL=""]RuneShores RSPS[/URL]
WebPage: [URL=""]RuneShores - The Brand New OSRS Experience[/URL]
youtube: [URL=""][/URL][/CENTER][/CENTER]