Spiral 317

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Versão 317
Tipo Custom Custom Content Custom Interfaces Custom Items Custom Minigames Custom Maps
Localização United States
Última Atualização05 Feb 2023
Data de Entrada05 Feb 2023


- Added Bank Total Value / Bank custom item description hovers
- Added new upgrade system
- Added in AOE System
- OP Item or Pet banning created for the Wildy
- Platinum Token System Added
- New Mbox Interface
- New Home with custom maps
- Added in 10 new bosses
- Created the Avengers Zone, with a Thanos Instanced fight available at 100 kills
- Reorganized client structure and setup/converted to gradle
- Basic RuneLite Integration Done with working NewsFeed/Notes
- Discord Bot added, fetches links, and has punishment commands
- Added in World Boss System with 4 new world bosses, Charizard, Madara, Goku and Wildy Wyrm
- Fixed Model.java to work with Displees
- Created a dance bot that dances around the WOG 
- Sped up the opening and closing of all interfaces
- Improved player updating with faster switching
- New loading gif, with new loading text with percents displaying
- Wilderness Slayer Task Interface
- Shift Drop
- New Skin Colors
- Note all on bank function
- fixed updating on staff interface
- fixed walk here pathing bug
- Added in several new loot tables for 3 new bosses
- Stat Hovers
- Added OP Item and pet banning system for the Wild to offset OP gear in future PvP
- Teleport Interface Reworked entirely, both monsters/boss tabs are 90% ALL custom npcs/loots. New bosses/mobs added during this
- Every Custom NPC has a full droptable, with a pet made for each, and custom movesets created for the pets for use in pokemon battles (home only pet staking battle)
- Every pieces of gear in the lootables above, and in the shops has been balanced! Most armours are PVP worthy, being based on tier 60-90 armours of their types.
- Shop amounts increased to 200
Working Pokemon Battles with staking, the option will only appear while at home if you have a pet out, and you can only send request if they have one out as well, - works with every pet  in the game
- Custom interfaces created for Crystal Chest, Burnt Chest, and the Mystery Box
- Item Fuser System added
- New models for Bank Stall, Well of Voting, Scoreboard crystal chest, upgrade machine, and plat token converter
- Added in diamond token conversion for plat tokens. You can convert gp > plat token and plat token > gp and you can convert plat token into diamond token and vice versa both at the same rate of 1:1000
- Mythos Slayer Task System has been fully customized with custom NPCs tiered out from Easy-Elite
- Special PP and Super Potions, which can be used in Pet Battles will now drop sometimes from Starmies, Voltorbs, and Mega-Beedrills. These are untradeable! One restores move amounts in battle if ur low, other restores HP, and the potions will delete when used in battle otherwise have no use
- Tiered extra slayer points for all donors
- Bonecrusher will give up to 2 extra points if in inventory when task is completed
- Wedsnesdays are now Triple Slayer Points
- Made every custom range weapon/gun function with no ammo :slight_smile:
- The hover stats have been fully updated so they will be accurate when you use them
- Telos and Thanos Boss instances requiring training and avenger zone killcounts have been created
- Loots have been made for the above^
- Customized the Entire Duel Arena area
- Login Protections for Developer Owner and Admin ranks created
- VPN Detection installed. Will alert staff is someone logs on from a diff IP than last time, and also not allow most VPN connections to login.
- Every weapons speed adjusted in the game for that fast hitting custom feel. Now any weapon that is over -3 speed, will be placed into a FAST_SPEED category that will be banned from the custom pvp that is being developed atm.
- Frost Dragons have been completely replaced with Dragonairs and new loot table including poke pots, dragonair pet exclusive, and also plat and diamond token, making a potential wilderness money maker npc. Dragonair is now also included in the Medium Slayer Tasks
- Droprates for World Boss/Wilderness Pets, and the tiered out rings of wealth added, as well as for some wings
- Custom Droprate Item descriptions hover telling you how much of a dr boost they give made for all dr items
- 5 new items added to the Upgrade Machine, which now only accepts diamond tokens (tells you) diamond tokens are worth 1000 plat tokens so they are 1m each. You can easily convert ur plat tokens into diamond tokens via the plat token converter at home
- All new Slayer Point Store prices including 5 new slayer helms! the best and last one you will have to fuse all of the slayer helms before it together using the item fuser interface :stuck_out_tongue: The dmg boosts while on slayer tasks has been tiered out already and so have the stats
- Added Merlin's, Hunter's and Infernal Capes to the Pk shops!
- Created Classic, Super, Xtreme, Legendary, and Uber Bonds (20,50,125,250,500)
- NPC facing updating was fixed
- Created working Abaddon and Baphomet Souls that transform you into the pet sized versions on a 30 min timer
- Created a working instanced Gun Game! If you get a **** you will get food + upgrade and +1 KC, if you die you will get a downgrade and some pots and respawn, first to 7 Killcount wins! Fun new PvP game for us. :slight_smile: Fixed the Lobby System so its only looping thru the Gun Game Lobby instead of the entire world to reduce lag, and made an onscreen transparent interface for the lobby timer. Accessible @ home using the Gun Game Master NPC who will have new rewards in his shop soon
There can be up to 300 of these games at once.
- Completed Coded our first Group Raid just in time for Launch. Fixed all known and forseeable bugs already, and did the formulas etc! Reward chest located in the Halo Raids lobby accessible using the raids portala at home or using the ::raids command
- Fixed all Boss/Monster/Zone spawns in game, there should be plenty of npcs for everyone
- Balanced Boss HP's
- Added all bosses to give Boss points
- New client bg GIF and new Launcher gif/functionality 
- Vote/Hiscores/Webstore
- Drop tables on Examine
- Coll Neck / Pet / SS Pet with 0 bugs
- New pet perk system with HP refill, spec refill, SS, and skilling exp boosts created / Infinite Prayer Potion (30 mins)
- Redid donor shops 1/2 and the NPC
- Added all rare drop announcements
- Added all eevee pets / well of goodwill global boss
- Tiered all stats on gear out, and full progression system for Boses done up to 8 tiers at the moment
- Tiered all npc hps out
- Removed Runelite, to get fullscreen and resizeable back.