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Última Atualização18 Feb 2022
Data de Entrada30 Jan 2022


Custom home with easy to navigate areas

Balanced custom items and pets with effects to provide both a unique and not over done feel

Classic Chambers of Xeric raids, as well as a custom Raid

Custom monsters/bosses in Deranged archaeologist, Elvarg, El fuego, Lava beasts, and our all new Seren multi boss with unique mechanics

World bosses/group bosses.

Tournament system with rewards/riskzone and tournament point shop

An automated/safe gambling system

Custom slayer perks/unlockables that reward the people that grind for them

Superior bosses that have custom drops, and give better drops than the original boss

Functioning skilling system as well as custom max capes

Forge table to upgrade/enchant certain items into better versions

Velrai coin exchange to dump random items for otherwise unobtainable items

Custom donator features/zones with benefits for all ranks

We are also constantly updating, improving our combat systems and bringing you new bosses to keep your experience new and challenging