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Versão 474
Tipo 20 Bosses 40 Quests Achievements 602 Data active players Amazing Cannon Fast exp Donator zone Discord
Última Atualização24 Jul 2021
Data de Entrada24 Jul 2021


Some Information about Misthalin 3

We are a PvP based server with Skilling and Bossing

Misthalin has returned using the RuneNova/Paragon base, therefore we are missing a lot of osrs content that will be added in many future patches, the server is currently based off of a Hyperion based server and stability wise it is pristine, we will have a mixture of content from different revisions of the Runescape we all love, we will have Osrs content as well as Pre-Eoc Content for example; Curse Prayers, Torva sets, Pre-Eoc Bosses & Minigames. I plan to release Misthalin 3 in the coming week, there will not be any need for a beta test as it has been tested before. The Experience rate will be extreme fast for Combat but for Skilling players better be ready to Grind is all im gonna say, but worry not as there will be many Skilling Orientated content as well as Minigames/Quests to be added in the coming days that will require certain Skills!

Thank You to each & everyone of you that has stuck around with Misthalin for as long as you have, there will be no more resets unless there are any Game-Breaking Bugs or Dupes found. Players that report Dupes/Game-Breaking Bugs will be compensated for their effort as well!.

Exp Rates:

Combat Exp Rates:
Non-Ironman: 8000x
Ironman: 4000x

Skilling Exp Rates
Non-Ironman: 30x
Ironman: 20x

Based on the exp rates players are meant to advance combat levels very fast.



  • 20+ Fully Working Skills
  • Perfect Combat
  • Osrs Content
  • Fully working Clanwars
  • Curse Prayers
  • Random Skill Events
  • Shooting Stars
  • Zombies Minigame
  • Real Nostalgic RS Feel
  • Community Orientated RSPS
  • Wishing Well
  • More OSRS Content Incoming !
  • Many Achievements to Accomplish
  • Resourcers Minigame (For Skillers)
  • Friendly Eco
  • Skilling Makes Profit
  • Train Almost every skill right from the home area!
  • 5+ Mini Quests with more coming Soon!
  • Referral System