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Etherum - The Best

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Versão OSRS PreEoc
Tipo PK Tournaments Huge Skilling
United States
Última Atualização28 Sep 2021
Data de Entrada16 Jun 2021


Etherum is the most advanced RSPS, you can easily see that by checking our Features!


We provide tons of unique content with the best quality out there:


  • Constant players Hosted PK Tourney (like OSRS)
  • PvP Campaing
  • Skilling Prestiges
  • Player's self hosted HP Events, Skill Events, Tournaments and many more!
  • Hundred of events hosted by any player with awesome rewards!
  • Nightmare | Hydra | Zulrah | Vorkath | Bork | Nex | Wildy Wyrm & Many other OSRS bosses
  • Easy Start
  • Instant PK
  • Perfected combat system!
  • AWESOME economy
  • Perfect PvM
  • Perfect staking
  • Best gambling system! | Rock Paper & Scissors included!
  • Unique Bosses & Boss Pets
  • Perfect Slayer System | Duo Slayer

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