Mu online x1000 new

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Versão 6 Season 6 x1000
Localização United Kingdom
Última Atualização22 Nov 2022
Data de Entrada31 May 2022


Mu online x1000 new

Mudream x1000 - unique grinding server with dynamic PVP battles and breathtaking events. Mytichal locations, custom items, jewel bank and updated interface and are already added. Fight for the castle, kill strong bosses, form guilds and farm rare items. Register for the OBT now and become the best warrior on the server.

Server details:
Exp x1000
Master exp x10
Max reset 50 grand 5
Max stats 32 767
Drop rate x30
Jewel of soul success rate 60%
Jewel of life success rate 70%


1) Stable online - We are not a one-night stand! The best implementation of Mu Online Season 6 - Episode 3.
2) Professional Technical Support 24/7 from the Administration with over 8 years of experience!
3) 100% Unique content, items, events and additions from highest seasons.

Register for the OBT right now, play and earn bonuses!