MAZEMU World s18

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Versão Season18
Tipo 500 Custom Quest System Unique Moss Merchant Team Play Bosses Optimized Game World Battle Royale
Localização United Kingdom
Última Atualização29 Dec 2022
Data de Entrada14 Feb 2020


MAZEMU World s18

MAZEMU Season 18 Episode 1-3

RegularExp: x500 / MasterExp: x100 / MajesticExp: x75 - START 30 DECEMBER (19:00 GMT+2)

Season18 - World of MAZEMU - Path of illumination!

New Character Illusion Knight - Arrived!

- Season18 P1-3
- Master Skill Tree adjusted for reset-like style
- Upgraded Pentagrams for reset-like
- Battle Royale Event
- Custom Invasions
- Zen / Jewels based economy
- Reset-like excellent options
- Improved Muun System for reset-like
- MAZEMU Quest System (Coming Soon)
- Great Support and Services

Check our game guide: (web will be available soon - Join Discord NOW!)

Performed with love for gaming community!