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Website youtu.be
Discord Discord
Status Online
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Versão All Any
Tipo pvp towny Faction Wars Movecraft Cannons Earth Guns Ships Roleplay Economy
Localização United Kingdom
Última Atualização14 Apr 2024
Data de Entrada30 Aug 2023


Epirate is a a pirate themed Geopolitical Towny server with Many custom features such as Ships, Guns, Custom weapons, custom armor, treasures, cannons, a Live map you can view on your browser, Wars and so much more!

❓ What can Epirate offer?
┃🌍┃Build your own Town and Nation
┃⛵┃Create your own Block-Built ships
┃⚔️┃Wage Wars against other towns and Nations
┃🏹┃Guns, Custom Medieval Weapons, PotPVP
┃🗺️┃Live Map of Europe you can view on your browser

┃❗ ┃Various Fun Features

┃🏴‍☠️┃Custom Hats for Combat
┃🐟┃Sea Monsters!
┃💣┃Cannons and Naval Regions
┃🦾┃Missions, Seasons, Temperature 
┃👀┃And so much more i can't fit in here!

┃🔗┃Discord - https://discord.gg/c99g8N2zvw
┃🔗┃Trailer - https://youtu.be/ozYxswOib-I?si=Q7y3SwkREAVmm1N8

IP: play.epiratemc.com
Bedrock IP: epiratemc.com
Bedrock Port: 19132

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