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Versão 1.20.x
Tipo Adult ChestShop Dynmap Economy
Localização Canada
Última Atualização16 Jun 2023
Data de Entrada16 Jun 2023


The Kingdom of Avalor has been a long time in the workings. There are multiple large builds already on the map, like Minis Tirith by Divici on planet minecraft. There is also the Kingdom it's self that was built by myself. These do not take away from the Minecraft experience at all. And you are not obligated to use them at all. In fact KoA urges you to be your creative self! Explore and find your dream spot, then build a place all your own to your own liking.

KoA is a 1.20  SMP server and we are 18+ please.  LGBTQIA & 420 friendly.There are some quality of life plug ins on the server. McMMO and Land Claims just to name a few. Bedrock compatible. Dynmap link:

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