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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.9.3
Tipo Multiplayer Survival PvP Mcmmo Towny Balanced Economy
Localização Sweden
Última Atualização19 Mar 2023
Data de Entrada17 Mar 2023


Hello and welcome to our server!
This server recently just opened up, we have added few plugins like McMMO, Arenas, Towny and few others. We plan to add more in the future and grow this server to something amazing!!

We want to invite you to be apart of this growing community and have fun together with us.

This server will build up and become something special as our fellow guest and members will vote for the next upcoming ideas for the server! How will that work?
Well yes, you can join our discord server and you will find channel and information about all this and how to vote and suggest new stuff there :)

Ember Worldz has a lot of vacant positions in the staff team that we are looking forward to fill! The application process may take 24 - 48 hours to find a final ethical decision, however we all look forward to welcome new members to the staff team.