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Último Ping19 minutes 33 seconds ago
Versão 1.19.30
Tipo Anarchy Vanilla Vanilla Survival Survival pvp NAVanilla
United States
Última Atualização11 Jan 2023
Data de Entrada11 Jan 2023


Welcome to North American Vanilla, a Vanilla Survival Server
Current Server IP:
NA Vanilla, is a project started by @ProWorm to create a minecraft server with the intention of providing a vanilla experience in a world that does not reset. With only 3 rules, you are given as much freedom to create, destroy, and explore in NA Vanilla. Created in 2023. This map will never reset, and the server will remain online forever.
1. No intentional lag machines or deliberate overuse of server resources.
2. No hacking or using tools which give you an unfair advantage over another player.
3. No doxxing
Come say Hi to us on Discord! Invite Link:

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