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Key features:
Primarily we are a survival server with cool features such as:
➤ Lands
➤ Lore Base
➤ Gambling
➤ Kits
➤ Custom biomes
➤ PvP Arena, Badlands
➤ Public XP Farm
➤ Slimefun
➤ Rankup system
➤ Chest Shop, Player Shop, Spawn Shop
➤ Fly, lots of giveaways! Leaderboards! Daily Events!

➤ IP: (Always on latest version!)
➤ Discord:
➤ Website/Store:


100 years ago the great calamity swept the land with destruction and sorrow. Many met their fate, the remaining diminished over time leaving many incredible treasures behind. Now this once forgotten land has been rediscovered and is being repopulated. Whatever you find you may have. There are many riches strewn out throughout the land just waiting to be found.

The few that survived the great calamity mysteriously continue to survive 100 years later, and are called The Ancients. The mystery as to why these survivors are blessed with long life remains.

The Badlands is a land where the most incredible treasures can be found. Beware, magical spells such as keep inventory, land claim, teloporting and flying are rendered ineffective. Here only the most determined of explorers can survive. You may enter the Badlands through a specific set of portals. NEVER bring anything to the Badlands you are not willing to lose.

The Arena is where disputes amongst explorers are settled and great treasures are won. It is a common occurance for explorers to bicker and fight. The Arena is a place for explorers to solve disagreements, win great riches, and ingrain their names into legend.

The Weener Bandits are a rebel plague within the land who continue to terrorize the citizens. Please keep an eye out for male organ shaped statues and propaganda that may appear, built out of gold.

The story continues to expand and develop from community input! Get involved and help decide what happens next.

Endless Fun: is home to one of the friendliest lands communities in Minecraft, and with over 400 custom biomes using /lands wild there is plenty for you to explore. Use slimefun to build yourself custom armors and weaponry. Come on in and join our toxic-free community today!

GameRebel SMP is also streamer friendly so join today and stream the server!

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