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Havoc Games - TMD

In this Minecraft rendition of AMC's The Walking Dead fight off walkers with guns and melees, and team up with other players. Choose from over 30 unique kits and enter our brand new 5,000 by 5,000 map. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Come join today!


We support all game versions (1.8+) and now Bedrock Edition!

IP - us.havoc.games

Website - https://havoc.games

Discord - https://discord.havoc.games


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HavocMC is one of the best Minecraft Servers to play on: Currently there are 4 Games: WarZone, which is basically Call of Duty Warzone. But every time you die you respawn again in the plane where you start. In WarZone you start with a kit which you choose by doing /kit. There are 5 different kits for non-ranks and more kits for ranked players. ( Ranks cost real money, you can buy them on the HavocMC website ) Then there's MineWars which is in open beta stage right now. It is basically the same as Mining Dead which i will get to later. But there are Star Wars Blasters and Lightsabers. There are different planets you visit. On the planets there are enemy NPC's which you kill and loot. You get different items you can sell and earn money which you can buy weapons, items and lightsabers for. Mining Dead is the most popular game: It is inspired by Walking Dead. You spawn somewhere in the Outlands. There are so-called Walkers everywhere which are zombies. They run at you and attack you. If you kill them you get money and items sometimes. Then by /sz you get into a Safezone where you can buy guns, healing stuff, armour, and more with the cash you've earned. And last but not least my favourite game, Towny Earth. Towny takes place in a huge open world which is a smaller earth. There are continents which you can warp to, oceans, and more. As the name probably already suggests, there are Towns. Players can create towns themselves or join Towns made by other players. In a town you can build your own House but always listen to the Town Major! If you're in a town you will also have to pay a specific amount of taxes to the town which automatically get collected from your purse. Taxes are reasonable because towns have to pay a daily upkeep depending on the number of plots that the town has. Getting money is simple: you join a job and do what it tells you to. You see a list of jobs with /jobs browse and with /job join ( jobname ) you join a job. Job Mines, for example, gives you money if you mine cobblestone, coal, and everything else that is possible to mine. Now some things to the Server itself: Mods are online almost everytime and if report something ot a player ( /report ) ,then a mod comes online as soon as possible, which is normally between, 1 and 5 minutes. The community is nice and almost every player is up to help a newbie. I hope this helps you to decide if you should join this server. My personal advice: yes you should ! :) 


this is a cool and fun server to play on .

i like the way how you can play with guns without mods

and the paying mechanime is also cool.



This server has unique PvE and PvP action including zombies, bandits, and players. Gather a team, build a base, and stockpile all the guns and armor you can to survive the horde.