Cosmic Craft

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Versão 1.8.x 1.12.x All
Tipo Cracked Gta Faction Survival Skyblock Towny
Localização United States
Última Atualização07 Oct 2023
Data de Entrada22 Feb 2015


Cosmic Craft Minecraft Server

Survival Games
Prop Hunt Hide and Seek
Battle Arena
Sky Wars
Mob Arena
Team fortress
GTA grand theft auto
Kit PvP
OP Kit PvP
Dwarves Vs Zombies

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Cosmic Craft is really Best Server it have many legendary things like: 2 types of skyblock and mcmmo and gta and arena pvp and much interesting things also you can vote for ut and you will be recived a voting crate to use it in /warp crate to get free good things also it have good staff members and donators also there is gamblingbar plugin in it, if you smart and lucky you may will be rich man when you use  /bar maybe lose and maybe win also there is ranks you can buy with money /bal like knight-lord-king or queen, also try to avoid scammers because scamming is allowed in it if someone told you come i will give you free aegis or applos or even money dont trust him he tring to scam your money/items also there is marriage plugin in it so you can marry a player  using /marry, command also you can type /warp to see all warps to warp in it using /warp command, also type /tpa  playername and the player should type command /tpaccept to accept it there is much more things i can say about cosmic craft there is more good things about cosmic craft but i said the  important things good luck😊


Cosmic Craft is the first server i have ever played on in Minecraft. I love this server so much because it has all kinds of different games like GTA which is my favourite, McMMo Factions which is the most popular game, two types of Skyblock emerald and diamond, really cool game called Annihilation, kit PvP... It's also got a PvP lobby in which you can fight other players with op armour and weapons. Voting for server gives you a lot of good rewards. Every vote is one vote key plus there are events like Easter, Christmas etc. In that time instead of regular vote keys you can get a special voting key for that event. With them you can get even better rewards and donor items. You can buy Donator ranks which cost 20$ and 40$ (level 1 and level 2 donator) as well as all kinds of good items like legend set which is infused with strenght, speed and invisibility. At the end i will tell you should definitely check out this server i recommend to play it for some time you will definitely like it. Regards !!!