L2 Revolution 250X

Website l2revolution.com.br
Versão H5
Tipo Custom Zone Global GK GM Shop High Rate Fun NPC Buffer Offline Shop Pvp Vitality System
Localização Canada
Última Atualização28 Jul 2021
Data de Entrada28 Jul 2021


Server Info:

Exp: 250x / Sp: 250x / Adena: 200x / Drop VIP: 2x / Spoil: 4x / Boss: 1x / Quest: 1x

Max Level: 85

Class Transfer: Free

Subclass: Free - Max Level 85


Slots 28+4

Slots Dances / Songs - 14

Buff Time 2 horas
Dance of Berseker and Song of Purification 2 minutes


Safe Enchant: +3

Max Enchant: +16

Enchant Chance:

Normal Scroll: 50% Max 12
Blessed Scroll: 70% Max 12
Divine Scroll: 100% Max 16

Element Stone: 60% chance

Element Crystal: 50% chance

Sieges every 14 days

TerritoryWar every 14 days max 3 flags per castle

All Clan Penalty Times = 1 Day

Maximum Ally Size = 2 


From 18:00 to 23:50 every day

Olympiad period ends every 1st and 15th days

1 register for computer

Minimum registered 5
Max Enchant +6
Raid Boss: Drop Giant Codex / Mastery Codex / Blessed Scroll S
Grand Boss: Drop Giant Codex / Mastery Codex / Blessed Scroll S / Divine Scroll S and Jewels not for Sale in GMSHOP
Zone PvP Flag
Events Automatic: TVT / DM / CTF / Hunting
Farm Zones Custom Drop:
Monastery of Silence  - Dark|Light Crystal Farm and Stones Elements
Plains of the Lizardmen: Fire|Water Crystal Farm and Stones Elements
Seed of Annhilation: Earth|Wind Crystal Farm And Stones Elements
NPC for Nobless
Gatekeeper Custom with Leveling 10 - 85
NPC Full Clan Mananger
All Raid boss Retail.

- For complaint or suggestion or to report a BUG on the server the service is only through the website logging into the panel and sending a message to the staff
- I don't provide in-game support through the website only.

I hope you have fun and are welcome