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Versão Episode 28
Tipo High Rate
Localização Singapore
Última Atualização23 Dec 2022
Data de Entrada07 Jul 2022


High Rates Server

6 Class Character

Bringer Per class

Beginners Kit Dashboard Site "SP-Medals"

Starter Set Armor/Weapon +20 Demonite 30D with exchange freebies to YUL.

Auto set Skills /BM3 /Aura transmuter /HP 999 /MP 999/SPEED POTION 999 / TP 999 item inventory upon creation.

Permanent Astral Bikecard-Type: RW3 of Deathblow +20 with CDI 32%

Permanent Ring of Luck / Critical Damage + 3 with All Attack UP +24

Permanent Vamperic Earring +7 with All Skill Amp. UP +6%

Permanent Extortion Bracelet +7 of Fatal CDI 12%

Permanent Belt of Damp +4 with All Skill Amp. UP +6%

Ultimate Buff Per class

Blood Coin Farming Reward Dungeon (Exchanged item ASA 10% to YUL)

CM Demonite Armors with set effects (3 Ways source)

CM Demonite Weapon (5 Ways source)

Donations are converted thru Ecoins only.

NWar Rewards Ecoins/Wexp/Alz

Active Page News/Update

Specialize Crafting Revamp Armors/Weapons      

Item's Webshop

T-Points Farming

V-Points Farming

Host OVH Singapore base

Anti DDOS Protection

MShield Protection

Trainer Detector