Gamez AION Classic

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Versão 2.7
Tipo High Rate Classic PVP
United States
Última Atualização14 Feb 2023
Data de Entrada05 Apr 2010


Gamez AION Classic

GamezAion Aion Private Server

  • Aion version 2.7
  • All working retail features
  • High Rates | No Grind
  • Stable dedicated server
  • Active Anticheat System
  • Ragnarok | Omega PvP Event
  • Mastarius | Veille Rewards
  • Server hosted in North America
  • Friendly community and supportive staff
  • Working Geo Data
  • PvP Arena and Battlegrounds
  • All working Dungeons
  • Game Season reset system
  • Community events hosted by active GMs

The server also has a lot of exciting features, check the GamezAion Server Info page for more details.

To play you need to Register game Account and Download GamezAion Launcher

Website links:

Gamez Network Community Forums

Have fun!