Teeria Legends - A stranger's Adventure


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Versão 1.3.5
Tipo PvE PvP Free Build Custom Plugins Survival Minigames Tshock Vote Rewards Bosses Adventure
United States
Última Atualização22 Oct 2017
Data de Entrada22 Sep 2014

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Welcome to Teeria Legends - A stranger's adventure! 

Our server is hosted on an incredibly fast machine for the best Terraria experience! Our server is Hardmode and we provide starter kits to newly joined players, You will be able to fight Bosses in the Boss Arena & PvP against eachoter in the PvP Arena! We have daily staff online to take care of cheaters and help newly joined players. Our map will only change whenever it's a complete wasteland or when it's full. And there are tons of other stuff to find out in Teeria, so what are you waiting for?!

Change Logs
14 Feb 2016

+ Added Logo to description.

+ Added YouTube Video.

+ Updated Information.

+ Updated Server Version.