Mu Online Non Reset Servers

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Non Reset Mu Online Server List + Add New Server

Season 6 Low Drops Events Balanced Oldschool No WebShop PvP Low Rate Max Reset Non Reset No CashShop

Season 15 50x Non Reset

Season 6 v3.0 Non Reset Balanced PvP Hard RPG

Season 6 30x Non Reset Hard

Season 6 Non Reset Slow serverhard x5

Season 9 Low Rate Medium Drops No WebShop Non Reset PvP Oldschool Balanced RPG 10x 15x

Season 14 50x Non Reset FreeToPlay Events24Hrs

Season 2 Non Reset

Season 14 50x Non Reset No WebShop Grand reset

Season 15 9999x Fun Server FullExp 10x Non Reset Play2Win

Season 9 Hard Server CastleSiege 50x Hard Rate Low Drops Non Reset PvP webshop

Season 6 Non Reset No WebShop No fo items 1x

Season 8 Medium Events RPG Non Reset No WebShop

Season 10 15x 30x Slow Balanced Classic Non Reset

Season 3 10x 15x Balanced Non Reset New Jewels PvP Low Rate CastleSiege Blood Castle Fun Server

Season 9 Non Reset No WebShop Balanced Events PvP

97 Slow 1x Non Reset Oldschool No WebShop

Season 12 Non Reset No WebShop 20x

Season 4 muonline mu Non Reset 5x custom drop custom jewels farm

Season 14 40x Non Reset No WebShop CastleSiege Balanced PvP

Season 6 Non Reset max level 999 100 pointslevel

Season 13 Blood Castle New Sets New Wings Premium New Jewels Events Balanced 15x No WebShop Non Reset

Season 13 Non Reset

Season 13 Non Reset Balanced Hard Slow Play2Win

Season 12 20x Non Reset 30x

Season 6 Balanced Non Reset Oldschool Mid Rate no donate

Season 12 Balanced Non Reset

Season 13 10x Hard Low Drops Slow Non Reset

10x Slow Balanced Premium Non Reset Oldschool New Wings New Sets

Season 13 Slow 100x 10x Non Reset Resets

Season 2 Non Reset Oldschool Balanced Low Rate Classic non rebirth normal stats

Season 12 Non Reset 50x Balanced No WebShop Fun Server Low Rate New Jewels New Wings PvP

Season 9 40x dynamic no reset non reset moneymaker

Season 6 Low Rate Non Reset PvP

Season 6 5x Slow Non Reset Hard

Season 14 Non Reset

Season 14 15x 20x CastleSiege PvP Non Reset Events Low New Jewels New Sets New Wings

16 Season 6 500x Mid Rate Non Reset