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Website Website
Type 2D Anime Fantasy RPG MMORPG
United States
Last Update24 Aug 2020
Join Date24 Aug 2020

Game Info

Xen Rebirth is a Non-Profit Private server for the abandoned MMORPG Xenepic, Secret of the Solstice or also known as Xen Online.
The former and official game was shut down more than 8 years ago.
Xenepic, SotS, Xen Online is a 2.5D MMORPG which brings you into the Land of Xen.
It is a classic Role Play Game with Quests, Crafting and a lot of fun and cute costumes.
You can choose from 6 classes. Hundreds of different monsters to hunt. Hundreds of Maps to explore!
Fun parties and a great community awaits you!