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Website Website
Discord Discord
Type 3D Action Fantasy Multiplayer War
Viet Nam
Last Update16 Aug 2020
Join Date16 Aug 2020

Game Info

Welcome to BoI- Crimson

Retail like Server
DROP : 100% RNG system
EXP : x2 There will be Weekend Events Double of current rate

No free zen system

Improved game experience.

Improved class system.

Balanced Class, New upcoming talent skills.

New pets.

Balanced Market system.

Come and join us in BoI - Crimson to enjoy a great Battle of the Immortals game experience with Frendly staff.

See you in Atlantis.

New Players Gift pack : 

Level 1 Gift Pack
Illusion Dragon
Level 1 Gear Pack
Salary Card
Adv. Energy Potion
Adv. Tear of Valkyrie
Adv. Tear of Artemis
Double EXP Stone
Gem Coin 2
Trail Silver 7 Days Noble Card < Doesnt have Gold Noble Privileges, Can't Enter King Square >
Noble Outfit
Noble Backgear
Thunder Scorpion Mount
Advanced Essence of Void
Double EXP Stone