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Type Cap 110 Old School Play 2 Win Balanced Battle Arena Auto Events Alchemy D11 Daily Events Job Based
Dernière mise à jour25 Feb 2020
Date d'inscription25 Feb 2020


Greetings Silkroad Warriors, It's time to prepare for the greatest adventure.

"It's a new world of Silkroad which is more enjoyable and exciting than all the others out there."

Official Links & Social Media

Server Introduction:
We would like to anncounce about our newly created project as a new private server of Silkroad. It's a great effort of ideas that invented from some experts of the field and that took several months with the hard work. In order to present you a private server which is more enjoyable and exciting than all the others out there. We provide you an oldschool system with some features and some modifications to offer you a balanced gameplay without any issues. Also, we made sure from achieving the balance between races to create the real fun when Chinese battles European.

Conquest Purposes:
We always wished to own a private server of silkroad with a huge community and finally we are here! We really want to present you a very long-term server with a big crowd of lovers who will help to create the huge community.* We really hope to offer you a private silkroad server like what we want and what you want* something simple and great with a lot of expert players to help us in managing the server and to create an active & friendly community, so we promise you:
Stable Gameplay (bug-free & lagless)
Fair Gameplay (balanced races)
Long-term (eternal life)
Play2win (play free)
Supportment (always there to help)

Team Experience:
We are a team consists of two members. Everyone of us has the experience and responsibility to manage and develop any project so make sure that we will manage our server in an innovative and clear way. And for gaining the confidence, we've made a great efforts in designing our server so we hope you to join and supporting us.





Beta Phase: [24th of February]
After we put a lot of effort and prepared to the big adventure, we decided to open our server as a beta phase in the date listed below. It have to be tested well to offer you the longest time without any issues and to let the players enjoy thier time in playing. Beta phase will be open for several days to get more time to test every system and to launch a bug-free and lagless grand opening.


Official Links & Social Media



The First 300 Player:
There's will be a good reward for the first 300 player reaches to top:
The first 100 player reaches level 100 will receive 200 silk.
The following 100 player reaches level 100 will receive 150 silk.
The following 100 player reaches level 100 will receive 100 silk.



Greetings Silkroad Community, we provide you something simple and great of silkroad, something where you can achieve your dreams. Our server is working on vsro files with a very professional gameplay that took serval months with the hard work in order for the silkroad lovers.
Please read our gameplay guide well and contact us if there a problem.

HWID Limits:
IP limit [6]
HWID limit [4]
Jobbing HWID limit [1]
Battle Arena HWID limit [1]
Capture The Falg HWID limit [1]
Fortress War HWID limit [1]

Starter Package:
1000x HP Potion
1000x MP Potion
Exp Increase Ticket [7 days]
Devil Spirit Grade A (5%) [Male/Female]
Grap Pet [3 days]
10x 100% Speed increase
3x 20% Damage Absorption Scroll
3x 20% Damage Increase Scroll
20x Instant Return Scroll
50x Reverse Scroll


Auto Equipment:
We used to play the private servers with enjoying the auto equipment system so, it will be available in our server. It always giving the players a big chance to reach the level limit faster and provide an enjoyable journey without any boredom. As usual your items will be change automatically once you teleport until degree 10.

Free Silk: [PLAY2WIN]
In Conquest, we provide you a play2win server with a many different free way to get the purchased currency (silk) to achieve the balance between donators and non donators.

Every hour you will receive 1 silk. (you've to be online)
All the uniques are droping silks. (it's time to hunt!)
In-game Events (unique, hide and seek, LMS, trivia, stall and more events)
Manual Events (share and signature events)

Item Mall:
This is the place where you can buy the useful scrolls and power ups. In item mall, you will find the original silkroad items with some extras which are needed. With this way, we provide you a many ways to customize your character and getting the power.


Magic PoP:
With Magic PoP cards, you can try your luck in winning items such as Seal of Nova, Seal of Sun, Flags and more useful items.
You can buy Magic PoP cards from Item Mall [F10].
Make sure the better the item the harder it is to win it.

Character Lock System:
When you activate the lock system, your character will be forced to stop and you won't be able to move, exchange, open stall, drop items etc. Anyway when you activate this system, your character will stop to work exactly so you can protect it while you're away.

How it works:
Type !lock <4 digit password> in the main chat then your character will be locked automatically. To remove the lock, type !unlock <yourpassword> in the main chat and the lock will be disabled.
Note: Once you log off or disconnected, the lock system will be removed.

AFK System:
It's a very useful system which allowing the players know if you are away from the keyboard.
The bubbles will appear on your character as a tag indicates that you are away from keyboard.


Modifications / Races Balance:
To achieve the balance between the races, we've made some adjustments. we all know about that the Europe race is stronger than the Chinese race and to achieve the balance between them, we added a passive skill to Chinese race and made some adjustments in the gameplay that will make it as the same power with Europe.

Chinese Passive Skill:
Physical Damage 20% Absorption
Physical Damage 20% Increase
Magical Damage 20% Increase
Attack rate 20% Increase
Parry rate 20% Increase

Reverse Immolation:
Black Resurrections are fully disabled.

All Resurrections delay is modified to be 2 minutes.

Stackable Items:
The max stack of some items is increased to save your slots.

Reverse Return Scroll:
Reverse Scroll is disabled while you are wearing the job suit.
Reverse Scroll delay is modified to be 15 seconds.

Global Chatting:
Global Chatting delay is modified to be 20 seconds.

Exchange delay is modified to be 20 seconds.

Stall delay is modified to be 5 seconds.

Fortress War: [Hotan]
We all love fortress war and always want to experience it because it's the most fun and exciting war in silkroad. There's will be 1 fortress available and it will be Hotan. Every week there will be one day where all the guilds compete against each other.

Reward: 200 silks for each player.


Currencies / Coins System:
The trading in Conquest will depend on 4 currencies (arena, gold, silver and copper coins) which is needed to get the end-game items and don't forget about gold and silk because they are the most important currencies in the game as well.

How to get Arena coin:
From unique hunting.
From battle arena.
From capture the flag.

How to get Gold/Silver/Copper coins:
From unique hunting.
From job temple.
From holy water temple.

Uniques / Boss Monsters: [HUNT2SILK]
we all know that the unique hunting is the most enjoyable thing in silkroad and to make it more exciter, we've added silks as a reward to the killer. Our unique system is the original system so, you will find every unique in the same place as silkroad online. There are will be two kinds from almost uniques [STR] & [INT] for giving chances to STR players to kill uniques. Also, there are the game bosses and they will be Roc and Medusa. That's the most enjoyable way.


Eng-game Items:
In this part we explain you everything about the end gears items and how to obtain them. In Conquest there's nothing new in our sox system so the way to obtain them is the original way. Keep in your mind that the drop rate will be pretty hard because of ensuring a long-term server.



Seal of Sun [Degree 10]
You can get Seal of Sun items by farming 90++ mobs.
Seal of Nova [Degree 11]
You can get Seal of Nova items by farming 101++ mobs.
Egy [A] [Degree 11]
Weapon & Shield: You can get them by collecting talisman cards from Forgotten world.

Clothes: You can buy the Clothes from NPC for Gold and Silver coin.

Accessories: You can buy the Accessories from NPC for Arena coin.


How to get Advanced Elixir:
Advanced Class B elixir used on a sealed weapon item. has a higher chance of successful reinforcement than Intensifing Elixirs. And you can get it by the original way of silkroad.


Jobbing System:
The most enjoyable side in Conquest is the job system. It's the usual way of the original silkroad with some small edits that will make the game more fair. This system help you to earn the main currency (Gold) and the only way to be moneymaker. We have identified one route to trade (Jangan/Hotan) to present you the best job wars ever.
You can't use more than [1] character in job mode.
Reverse scroll is disabled during job mode.




In-game Events: [Automatic]
Automatic events will be available in Conquest. A play2win system helps you to earn free silks without donating. There are many events available in our game:
Arrange Letters
Choose Answer
Last Man Standing
Search & Destroy
Kill GM
Lucky Party Number
Lucky Global
Lucky Stall
Lucky PM

Facebook Page: [Free chances to win silks]
Follow us in our Facebook page, we will be running share events every week. If you want to get a chance of winning silks every week, you will be having to participate in share events.



Fourm Signature: [100 silk unit]
If you love this server, please support us by using our forum signature code and earn 100 silk unit. The requirements are that you must have more than 50 posts on the forum. Simply send your IGN and get your reward in the grand opening!




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