Dazemu X5000

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Site Web dazemu.com
Version X5000 8.JUNE
Type Socket combo Reset rewards Grand Resets P2W
Emplacement Singapore
Dernière mise à jour04 Jun 2023
Date d'inscription30 Aug 2022


Dazemu X5000

DazeMu - Mu Online Season 18 Project opening at 8.June!


[UTC +2, 16.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 22.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 11.00-Argentina]

The server location is Singapore, the best location/lowest latency/anti-DDoS for players from all over the world is guaranteed!

  • Experience: X5000 Regular/Master/Majestic
  • Reset: From 400lvl in game /reset. Reward 10Wc 1000RUUD, Stats stays
  • Grand Reset: 100 resets, reward 1000Wc 100000Ruud
  • Xshop full with items, reset/gr/trade to get top gear from Xshop

All Characters start with Blood Angel sets +0, 2lvl Wings!


The server is built for Hunt Style, Top items must be hunted farmed and created!

Events are set to start every 1 hour, join them, hunt maps for mini and big bosses, or just farm to good items! Players can get Wcoins (for the game) by doing resets and finishing in-game events! PlayPoints for the website can be acquired from Grand Resets!

3D Camera settings: Client Zoom out/Zoom in function: Shift to rotate, Mouse Scroll to zoom out/in, F6: Off, F7 reset, F8 Hide UI

Starter Gift: Earrings & Penta

PVP system, All maps except for maps Arena, Dungeon, Lotsttower3, Losttower6, Aida, Kanturu remain, Nars, Deep Dungeon 1, Abyss of atlans 3 All others maps are PVP!

PVP delay is on, after killing another player, you can use command /pkclear only after 5minutes after kill! This is made to prevent killers hit and run through all maps. Lorencia ring is the best place for PVP, PVP increase is disabled there!

Experience rate: X5000 for Regular, Master, Majestic Exp, PPL Standart 5/6/7, Max stats 32000!

Anti-Cheat: We are scanning server every day for cheaters/hackers, they are banned permanently without any warnings or chances for unban.

Ingame drop:

An extra drop of pets (Pada, Skeleton, Deamon, Guardian Angel, Unicorn) are added, they are dropping all maps starting from Devias. Wings 1 and 2 level drop is added in Icarus, you can farm these wings there! Collect Chocolate boxes to get Exc+11, and ancient items!