DestroyMU - Season 3

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Version Season 3 Custom
Type Edition Balanced New Events New Maps New Jewels Hot Spots Easy Start For New Player 9999x
Dernière mise à jour04 Jun 2021
Date d'inscription21 Jun 2016


Good news, as we all know the administration has worked hard to be a wholesome server, finally have installed premium Antihack and now can no longer worry about cheaters.
We took the time to configure this server to give our players the best experience.
The client is equipped with anti-cheat protection both with server side and a custom launcher with auto-updates.



Discord Server:

Server Information
Version: Exclusive Premium Season 3 Episode 1
Experience: 9999x
Drop: 65%
Maximum Stats: 32767
Points Per Level: 5/7
Vote Reward: Enabled
Elf Soldier Buff: 200 lvl
Party System: Enabled
Special REWARDS from Events!
Featured and Innovated 3D Camera
HD Resolutions Support
PvP Balanced System
XShop: Yes
Reconnect System
Grand Reset System -> 65Reset = 2500Credits + 200 DMU Coins
MU Helper: Yes ( Level 10 )
HP Bar Module
Rudolf Pet search Jewels + Zen
New Stadium Strategy (HOT!)
New Lorencia Map (HOT!) -> Added Ring PVP.
New Pets: New Custom 20 new pets!
New Golden Bosses!
New Event (HOT!)

Come and Play with US!!