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Type 10x Gather Kits PVP Modded Custom Plugins Active Admins DynamicCupShare No Decay Zlevels Noob Friendly
Dernière mise à jour20 Oct 2019
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50 Slot Server // Bi-Weekly Wipe - Next wipe 15th

VPN / Proxy Protection (Selected ISPs to block)

Donations are welcomed, we have three tiers of donator packages. Certainly not expected nor required for you to donate, all proceeds go towards our bill and custom plugins to bring to the server.

Allies, Clan Allies and Clans up to 5 People

x10 Gather with custom loot (Great loot, should be easy to get started)

Dual Xeon Processor with 32 GB of Ram running on a Linux operating system, Hosted in Canada. (DDoS protected up to 480 Gbps with secure VAC walls)

Clans Reborn




Sign Artist

Custom Bounty Plugin

Many many more plugins to list!

This server has very active staff members to ensure there are no cheats, no exploits nor bugs. We constantly monitor the server uptime, packet loss, incoming traffic and player communications.Our development team works close together to work on plugins, fix bugs and to make the players happy with their game play as much as possible.

Our Discord Server lists all available commands and will tell you if there will be an update, plugin fix, new plugin or if somebody has been banned etc.

https://discord.gg/qGPHMP7 - Join our Discord and we will move you to your Rank in-game (Please change your Discord name to your IGN so we don't have any confusion.)

client.connect [Come check us out!]

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