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Welcome to the thread of Adrenaline Networks.
Recently we re-opened our servers for everyone to try, and we are also going to be releasing this to you.

We may just look like an ordinary server, however I am here to try persuade you why our server is different and more unique to the average "Semi-Serious" role-play servers.

Our content
We host a lot of custom content, too much to actually say in hand. Upon entering our servers you will notice this. However we can say that we do use multiple vehicles, weapons and tools that you will recognise.
For example, we use LW, TDM, CrSk, Perryn and SGM for vehicles and CW2.0 for our weaponry. A catch to this though, is that all of the statistics, be it speed, handling, damage or precision has been modified to make the firearms and vehicles more unique compared to the majority of the other servers.

Our Forums
Our forums are using the best forum softwares, with the best security and front-end systems. Visit it by clicking on the link (

Our Discord
Our discord is usually very active, and when you join you will be welcomed with warmth.
Click here to join our discord (

Our Staff Team
Our staff team is expertly trained, and with having the majority of our content custom made, we also have a completely custom Administrative System for our Administrators to, well, administrate with ease. The majority of our staff are handpicked, and know how to deal with many situations that may face them. We try our hardest to keep rule breakers away, and we have many systems to deal with this such as a custom blacklist system from certain items in the game.

Connect to our discord today for all the information to join our servers and keep up to date in terms of development and announcements.