Avalon: The Legend L


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Type rpg textbased mmorpg onlinerpg fantasy
United States
Dernière mise à jour16 Apr 2015
Date d'inscription10 Sep 2014


Avalon is the most detailed, original and immersive text based game on the internet. In existence for over two decades, it is also one of the oldest RPGs. It has evolved consistently over this time, boasting the highest standards; as a multiplayer online RPG text based game, it's unparalleled in its creativity and diversity. Only by your own merits can you rise above the rest and only the best reach the stars; ascending to become one of the all-powerful immortals. Are you ready to make history in this breathtaking world?  A world limited only by your imagination. Will you become a prince or an emperor? A merchant, or a farmer? A deadly thief, a voodoo priest, a powerful sorcerer or wizard? Step through the void into Avalon and emblazon your unique personality on the land's ever-evolving narrative; where only the greatest rise to become Gods.

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