Warsong - Soloable

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Sitio Web play.lachev.com
Versión 3.3.5a
Tipo PVP PvE High Rates Transmogrifier Rewards
Ultima Actualización22 May 2021
Fecha de Ingreso22 May 2021


Warsong is a World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King server, focused on the playable Blizzlike content and on top of that enables the players to experience most of the instanced content as a solo or in a smaller than the standard group size environment. Bigger achievements (like The Loremaster etc.) here have meaning and give relevant rewards that help you gear up for the end-game. 

By design this game requires team work to even be able to get near the most content. While we tried to preserve the original Blizz like experience, we have also implemented various changes and extra features aiming to allow players to engage with more content on their own, when there aren't many players around to help. These changes cover different spectrums of the game: leveling, dungeons and raids, economy and so on.

Highlighted Features:

Soloable Dungeons - Creature stats scale down if dungeons are entered solo or in a group with less than 5 players and scale up back to normal if entered with a standard sized group. Scaling applies in raids too.
Solo queing in Dungeon Finder - The Dungeon Finder allows, apart from the standard sized group, also queuing up as a solo player and with a less than 5 man group.
Achievement Rewards - Selected achievements grant you Emblems/Honor which can be traded for end game items. Level achievements will get you consumables.
Auction House virtual Trader - To assist the early economy, a virtual trader is placing items and crafting materials for sale at the AH and buying some of the player auctions.
Cross-Faction Battlegrounds - In order to balance the teams if not enough players from one faction, Alliance and Horde players are mixed when joining Battlegrounds.
1v1 Arena - Rated Arena is available in 1v1 mode in addition.
Transmog NPC in major capitals.

We have high XP rate in order to make leveling faster and Alt friendly.