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Sitio Web swgrogueone.net
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Versión An Empire Divided
Tipo Jedi Enabled Publish 9 Pve Custom Content
Ultima Actualización25 Jul 2022
Fecha de Ingreso22 Apr 2022


Custom Professions

Mechanic - craft over 30 vehicles!
Dual Wielder Lightsabers - Always wanted to fight with 2 lightsabers?
Miner – craft a creature harvester and high BER harvesters!
Antique Dealer – craft fun deco items including over 100 new paintings!
Blacksmith – craft all NGE Armor
Arsonist – craft all NGE Weapons
Badge Hunter – custom titles AND collect tokens to purchase deco items with more items being added soon!
ShapeShifter coming soon!

NGE houses

Area Loot - 1 click to loot whole lair/mission

Ranger - 3 custom questlines. Creature harvest tool, Ranger hut (with mission terminal) and Hunting Trophies