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Tipo Old School Cap 110 D11 Alchemy Cheap Silk Daily Events CTF Customs FGW Freetoplay
Ultima Actualización26 Aug 2023
Fecha de Ingreso26 Aug 2023





Hello Dear Silkroad Lover Friends!

Feeling stuck between spinning cabinets? Are you constantly waiting for the next "big" server to open? Stop and breathe at this point, because I'm here with a server that offers a different experience!

Forget those classic stories we're all familiar with. I offer a server specially made for everyone who only cares about fun and miss Silkroad experience: Novasro Online.

I once managed a server bearing my name in 2014-2015. Then I had to take a break for family reasons. Now I'm back and I have only one goal: to give you unforgettable moments. This time I won't say "I'm going back to the legend" because my aim is just to present wonderful and fun filled moments.

Novasro Online is a 110 cap server that brings back old memories. With our drop system that reminds you of unforgettable days and our balanced game structure, you will experience the Silkroad excitement you missed again.

If you would like to embark on this unique adventure with me, I look forward to your joining us. Unforgettable memories are just a click away with Novasro Online.

With love and excitement,

Novasro Admin.