PlayRoad - 100 Cap

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Tipo Quests Jobs Events Hard Alchemy Boss Uniques Titan Uniques PVE Long Term
Ubicación Germany
Ultima Actualización14 May 2023
Fecha de Ingreso14 Nov 2022


PlayRoad - 100 Cap

PlayRoad Cap 100 - First long term real play 2 win system.
Get Silk while make beginner quests. Level 1 - 81, around 1 day.
Every other level you need about 5 - 7 days.
At 81 you can do daily quests to get silk and more.
Level 1 - 69 Seal of star drops, can be sold for gold.
Leve 76 - 90 stone drops for alchemy.
9dg last degree. Star 76 - 81, Moon 85, Sun 90.
Auto Events to get silk and honor buffs.
Daily Quests for silk.
IP Limit is 2, HWID Limit is 2.
Means, you can only login two character on one computer or two character at home network.
Bots are allowed, but you can't take advantage on them on the server. You need to play active to rise your character in the world of playroad.