Red Diamond SRO

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Discord Discord
Tipo Cap 110 D11 Freetoplay Free Silk Low Rate Long Term Play 2 Win Vote System PvE
Ubicación Germany
Ultima Actualización13 Apr 2023
Fecha de Ingreso31 Oct 2020


Race: Chinese & European
Level cap: 110
Chinese mastery: 330
European mastery: 220
EXP: 4x
Party EXP: 8x
Drop: 8x
Gold drop: 2x
Alchemy: Tablets removed
Alchemy materials removed
Increased drop rate of alchemy stones
Alchemy stones success rate 100%
Max plus: 12 (without adv. elixir)
Berserk: 2x
Trading: Old system
Skills: Original silkroad skills without edits
Quests: Added SP and gold reward to all EXP only quests
Free Silk: Vote for Silk
Silk scrolls from uniques
Silk reward for reaching level 50
Botting: Allowed
Forgotten world: Enabled
Job temple: Enabled
Magic pop: Enabled
PK: Enabled