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Tipo 2x Gather PVE PVP Modded Custom Plugins Fun
Ubicación United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización19 Jul 2023
Fecha de Ingreso19 Jul 2023


Logik Gaming 2X is a Rust server with community feedback at the heart of everything we do.
You have a suggestion you want implemeted? We'll look into and see if it's possible, and it WON'T be stuck behind a VIP paywall. Ever.We are both a PvP & PvE server. How? We allow you to toggle PvP on/off manually so if you just want to go on a scrap/parts run and don't fancy engaging in PvP, you don't have to.
We also have raid protections in place. For the first 24 hours after you join for the first time, your base is protected from any form of raiding.
We have many other fun plugins such as treasure hunts, free item skinning, economy and player shops that you can buy items / sell items to for money. We even have a custom CCTV plugin where you can view CCTV cameras around your base from a RustNET terminal to see if any players are waiting outside your base. It makes the perfect Ring Doorbell / CCTV monitoring system. Speaking of Ring Doorbells, we created a plugin that alerts you when someone is knocking at your door.
We are also currently looking for a few staff members to join us. So if you are knowledgable on Rust, and put in the hours, then let us know via Discord if you're interested!
Does this sound like something you'd be interested in playing on? Then give us a join today!Search for 'Logik Gaming' in the modded section of the Rust game or use client.connect
Also don't forget to join our Discord to keep up to date on new features, and chat with the community outside of the game. https://www.discord.gg/CZfn9WaGjS
Thank you. :)