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Tipo Europe Solo Vanilla Weekly Wipe Friendly Community Active Admins X1 Active Support Anti Cheat Community
Ubicación Germany
Ultima Actualización04 Oct 2023
Fecha de Ingreso04 Jul 2023



We're thrilled to have you join our buzzing gaming community. Get ready for epic gaming adventures, friendly banter, and a vibrant community of gamers. Make sure to read the RULES, introduce yourself in our DISCORD ⁠💬 general chat, and jump into game discussions. Connect with fellow gamers in our voice channels and get ready for exciting battles. Have a blast, embrace the hive mentality, and let's create unforgettable gaming moments together!

Solo Server Rules

1. Don't exceed the group size of 1, and don't help others in PvP, raiding, farming, or PvE.
2. Don't give boat or helicopter rides. Car rides are only allowed with a taxi module on your car.
3. Don't be excessively toxic in chat and voice. No spamming.
4. Don't publicly accuse someone of cheating or teaming. (Use F7 to report a suspicious player. For teaming reports please open a ticket via ⁠open-a-ticket).
5. Friendly interactions and trading are only allowed inside bases and safe zones. Please use shop fronts or vending machines if the safe zone is far away.
6. Do not spam or falsely use the F7 report system.

Additional Server Guidelines

Play fairly and in a way that makes others want to play with you again. Friends from the prior wipe should live at least two map squares apart to avoid problems. Avoid situations that make accidental teaming more likely. Don't grief bases unless you raid them (admins might ungrief).