US Rage Empire 2x

Discord Discord
Tipo 2x PVE PVP Furnace Splitter NPC Skinbox Noob Friendly 2x Gather
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización23 Oct 2022
Fecha de Ingreso26 Jul 2022


Welcome Veteran and Noob players alike

· Discord Link:

· Wipes on Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm EST / 3pm CST/ 1pm PST

· Monthly BP Wipe on forced wipe

· Minis, Scrap Helicopters and both types of boats spawn around the map

· No Group limit which gives noobs, solos, duos etc to team up if they would like

· 2x node gather

· Custom Events like Plane Crash and NPC raiders type /raidme in game for NPCs

· Initial kit using /kit initial in game

· /sb for skinbox in game

· Home recycler in elite crates

· Active Non-Playing admin

· Main Monuments including launch and custom monuments by guest designers

· To get a hold of admin please open a ticket under submit a ticket tab

· Don't be overly toxic especially to noobs, no ******, homophobia, racial or homophobic slurs

· Supporter of


To connect, follow these simple steps. -Launch Rust and then press F1 -Copy and paste the following client.connect and then hit enter. -It'll look like you're connecting to "Amsterdam II" don't worry, that's normal when connecting via console.