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Choose Own Exp Lista de Servidores de Runescape


rsps privados servidores
498 474 oldschool PKing Community Economy osrs

Velheim RSPS

Velheim RSPS
718 925 PRE EOC Elite Dungeons Mining Smithing rework Nex AoD Vorago GWD2 Music Sounds 120 capes Prestige System


317 Semi Custom Bossing 40 Quests Amazing Auto Vote active players Community Boss Pets Achievements Choose Own Exp

Lolscape OSRS

All Skills Active staff Choose Own Exp Discord


317 Osrs Weekly Events Unique Content Choose Own Exp Constant Developing Discord Donor Perks Nightmare Eco events Group Ironman


Osrs Active Abyssal Sire Achievements Chambers Of Xeric Daily events Discord Weekend Events Choose Own Exp Boss Pets

MyScape RSPS

317 474 Active community 20 Bosses Chambers Of Xeric Double Xp Clue scrolls PKing PVM Choose Own Exp OSRS