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Discord Discord
Versión 317
Tipo pvp Active community PVM player vs player bossing skilling Unique Content Nightmare
United States
Ultima Actualización09 Jul 2022
Fecha de Ingreso09 Jul 2022


REIGN RSPS Welcome to Reign, a PvP focused server, made for ALL player types. Our goal is to reignite the very stale current state of RSPS's and reimagine what a truly unique PvP RSPS should offer. Not a PvP'er? Don't worry, you still play an important role in the success of the server! Keep reading below to see what we have to offer, and how every player fits into our community!

Unique World Events

- Hold the Fort (wilderness world event)

- Capture the Flag (wilderness world event)

- Pirate Ship (non-wilderness world event)

- Arenas & Battlegrounds

- Fragment of Seren Server Content

- Flawlass Skilling - The Nightmare - Revenant Maledictus - The Great Vault - Knights Guild - Lectern of Imbuement - Achievements - Improved Collection Log