Aldor - Experience N

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Versión 667
Tipo PVM 120 capes Achievements All Skills
Ubicación Canada
Ultima Actualización06 Jun 2022
Fecha de Ingreso06 Jun 2022


About us

Our goal is to create a wonderful 667 server.
There aren't many around these days, and we want to give the RSPS community a great 2011 RS experience.
We will do this by replicating some of RuneScape content back in the 667 revision, while adding our own twist so the game is still fresh and enjoyable.
One example being Oldschool Runescape content which will be implemented so that it still feels up-to-date while maintaining the feeling of the golden days.
The server will be be released upon project completion, but actually when the server is playable. We will make weekly updates bring more content to the game as time passes.
Aldor will be great for all types of RS players. One at a time, we will focus on PvP, PvM, and skilling. We want to create flawless systems to make the game enjoyable for everyone.
If you support the project, leave a thanks or comment!