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Sitio Web Sitio Web
Tipo battle war space ships universe
United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización04 Jan 2020
Fecha de Ingreso02 Jan 2020


1. The game has been running steadily for more than 3 years, without any retractions or service stops.The content of the game mainly focuses on farming and providing for the aged, which greatly weakens the tiring mode of loot-build-loot in ogame games, and instantly turns into nothing a fleet that may have worked hard for a year.In the bi-monthly empire, you can build a fleet hangar through on the planet, save your fleet, the fleet in the hangar is no matter how to also won't attack, you can also colonial to the safety of the three great empire area, the fleet to secure planet can trust offline, next time again sometime again whenever you are, don't have to consider the FS fleet floor time.Since planets in the safe zone are also unassailable, you can safely farm and play.

2. The game creatively added mining gameplay, through the new task mining, to obtain ore, synthetic concentrate, synthetic new T2 fleet.Constantly refresh their combat effectiveness.

3. The game has added the game of empire mission to play creatively, which allows you to do something online every day. You can also be promoted to the title through the mission and gain more rights.

4, the game pioneering added to the new set of friendly, because the empire task will be free to the new task to transport resources, in order to do the task, is must help the new.Instead of the traditional ogame, where the novice comes up and feeds the older player meat.

5. The game creatively joined the mentoring system, where the master helped the apprentices to grow up together. At last, both sides were rewarded with a large amount of dark matter (GM is also quite generous, never seen such a rich dark matter reward in any ogame).

6, the game pioneering added copy mode (war games), each attack is to refresh the resources and fleet, increasing the difficulty, and reward instant sent to your main star, no longer to find the sheep and again and again and again looking for boring star map.In a word, bimonthly empire makes you easy to play, playing games should find a relaxed feeling.So bimonthly empire welcomes you.