MU AIXA S17 800x

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Sitio Web
Discord Discord
Versión Season 17
Tipo 800x Dedicated Balanced No Pay To Win Play2win Online 100x Castle Siege Hot Spots
Ubicación Canada
Ultima Actualización01 Apr 2023
Fecha de Ingreso01 Apr 2023


🔥 Mu Aixa Season 17 Part 2-2 🔥
⭐⭐Grand opening April 5th⭐⭐
🔰Opening Time 18:00 (UTC−5)
🔰BETA TEST right now!!!
🔰 Version: Season 17 Part 2-2
🔰 Experience: 800x
🔰 Master Experience: 100x
🔰 Drop: 30% 
🔰 Max Lvl: 1450
🔰 Max Stat: 65k
🔰 Reset Clear Stat: No
🔰 Auto Reset: On
🔰 Off Attack: On
🔰 Reset at the same place
🔰 50,000 Ruud per character FREE!
🔰 50WC/ 20GP/ 250Ruud per reset
🔰 Drop Hunt Boss items exc acc mastery
🔰 Buy all in the Cash Shop!
🔰 Gifts and surprises for opening!
🔰 Gift Code Newbie: FREE-CODE-MU
🔰 Total Play to Win