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Versión Season 8 February 18 Grand Opening
Tipo 30X 30 FPS Custom Features
Ubicación France
Ultima Actualización12 Mar 2023
Fecha de Ingreso24 Feb 2023


[Changelogs Feb 21, 2023 - Read More]

Version: Season 8 Episode 17 (+season 17 events, sets , weapons, shields, pets and muun pets)
Dynamic Experience Rate: 30X  - 12X (Dynamic ExpRate formula: the higher count your character resets are, the less ExpRate to gain)
Master EXP Rate: 10X
Drop: 40%
Points per Level for ordinary classes: 5
Points per Level for MG and DL: 7
Points per Level for Summoner: 5
Points per Level for RF: 7
Reset Level: 400
Max Resets: 36
Reset Method: Reset Stat (+2,000 Stats To Add after each reset*multiplied by resets number)
Reset Zen Cost: 15,000,000 Zen
Clear PK Cost: 15,000,000 Zen
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 420
Max Master Points: 1,260
Max Stats: 32,767
Guild creation: from 350 Level
Elf Soldier Buff: up to level 220
Jewel Success Rates: Bless 100%; Soul/Life/Harmony: 80%
MU Helper enabled from level 1
Newbie Starter Packs and Seals at start
New Season 17-18 Mastery Armors (Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel, Soul, Blue Eye, Silver Heart, Manticore and Brilliant Sets for all 7 classes - Dark Wizard, Elf, Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Summoner and Rage Fighter)
All New Muuns + New Pets (Season 8 - Season 17) Working 100%
All Features of Season 1 up to Season 8 Working 100%!
HD Res+GAME FPS 35+ guarantees smooth game experience!
In-Game Resolution Changing
In-Game Anti-Lag Tweaker
Up to 10 Party Members+ Reconnect Party+ Matching System+ Party Bonus EXP up to 60% more XP with different classes in party.
150+ Custom features that offers you even more exciting and challenging gameplay! Come and find them out!
Hard Server & Long-term Server (known for InfinityMU 100x - 14+ years online without wipes)
Promising Server with New Updates in future!
24/7 Active Support Ticket System
Active Staff Team

Skeleton King
Red Dragon
Golden Dragon
White Wizard
Moon Rabbits
Lord of Ferea - every 12 hours
Nix - every 12 hours
God of Darkness - every 12 hours
Core Magriffy - every 12 hours
Lord Silvester - every 12 hours
Elite Zone Invasion (Invasions In: ATLANS ABYSS, SCORCHET CANYON & GREY AIDA)
Evomon Invasion in Tarkan 2 (Zaikan area) - 6 times per day.
Chicken Hunt in Lorencia
Chicken Hunt in Noria
GOLDEN KUNDUN  - every 12 hours
Arena Invasion
Selupan - Respawn time: every 12 hours
All invasion monsters are rewarded with WCoins and Goblin Points rewards.

Common Events:
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Illusion Temple
Online lottery
Q&A / Quiz Event
Daily Bonus - Stay online to earn Goblin Points
Extra Exp Event - 4 times a day there will be running event for one hour which will boost your XP rate bonus +20%.
Moss Merchant
Double Goer
King of Mu
Team vs Team Event
Guild vs Guild Event
Lorencia Drop Event - 3 times a day, every day in the week - Drop event for 3 minutes will occur in Lorencia. Drops will be only Zen.
Battle Royale
Pvp Championship
Pandora Box Event
Arca Battle
Acheron Guardian