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Sitio Web 4funmuonline.com
Versión Season 8 Customized
Tipo Dynamic Exp
Ubicación France
Ultima Actualización18 Dec 2023
Fecha de Ingreso25 Dec 2022


4fun MuOnline is ready to open updated version of HARD server with Dynamic EXP ! 
We recently released many big changes and updates...and we will continue to improve daily game-play and make server more interesting,
balanced and of course - more fun.

Dynamic - GAME DATA
• Version: Season 8
• Experience: Dynamic
• Drop: 50%
• Elf NPC Buff
• Official MU Helper: ON
• Class required level: SUM = 1 lvl, MG = 220 lvl, DL = 250 lvl, RF = 250 lvl
• Points Per Level: 5/6/7
• Guild Create Level: 300
• Master Skill Tree: 400 (max level)
• Max Stats: 65000 

GR enabled-25 RR, Reward Coins/Ruud

Come and join us

Difference between Free player and VIP player are.

VIP can enter Vip Arenas and Combining items ( CM) increased with 5 to 10 %.

VIP can access events 3 to 4 times per day, NON-VIP player only 2 times !

Check the Web for more information !!