Mu Oldschool

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Sitio Web
Versión Season 8
Tipo 3x Hard Classic Balanced Pvp Non Reset Low Rate Slow Oldschool Play To Win
Ubicación Brazil
Ultima Actualización30 Jul 2022
Fecha de Ingreso30 Jul 2022


Mu OldSchool, Hard Classic Server, Balanced PVP, Low Rates, Quality Host

Grand Opening 06/08/2022

Version: Season 8 Premium
Experience: 3x
Master Experience: 2x
Drop Rate: 15%
Maximum Level: 400
Maximum Master Level: 330
Monsters per Spot: 5 - 8
Monsters Power Adjusted
Balanced PVP and PVM
Limit of Max Accounts per IP = 10 (max 10 open game client windows from 1 IP).

Auto Reconnect System

Muun System

Mu Roomy System

Balanced Event rewards

Balanced pvp and pvm

Grand Opening 06/08/2022