AsgardMu S19P2

Sitio Web
Versión DL Renewal X9999 21.June
Tipo New server Play to get FO
Ubicación Canada
Ultima Actualización20 Jun 2024
Fecha de Ingreso26 Jun 2022


AsgardMu S19P2

Version: Season 19part 2-1 Dark Lord renewal

  • New skills: Crown Force, Battle Glory, Spirit Blast
  • New pets: Divine Horse, Fire Divine spirit, Ice Divine Spirit, Holy Divine Spirit
  • Shield: Apocalypse Lord Shield
  • Spirit blast skill: Can be used when Spirit (new raven) is equipped

Experience: X9999, Master X9999, Majestic X9999
Points per level: Standart 5/7

New Server X9999 will be opened at 21.June! High exp, fun gampley 1-2hours mini/world bosses! PVP servers!

Version: Season 19 Part 2-1
Max Level: 400
Max ML: 1200
Experience: 99999x / 99999x / 999999x
Server location: United States
Resets: From 400lvl, stats stays, Points per level: Standard
Max resets: No Limit
Max stats is 32700
Reset reward: 10Wcoins 1000 Ruud
Grand reset: 150 Resets, 5000 Wcoins reward