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Sitio Web
Discord Discord
Versión Season 6 Episode 3
Tipo x9999
Ubicación Germany
Ultima Actualización11 Jan 2023
Fecha de Ingreso17 Jun 2022


Max Level400


Max Master Level400

Master Experience400x

Max Stats32767


Chaos Machine80%

Command /money 999999ON


Reconnect SystemActive

Premium Anti Cheat ON

PVP balance ON

Castle SiegeON (every Saturday 16:00-18:00 UK time UTC+00)

Reset ON spot (auto reset)

Extra warehouses

Add Points SystemActive


/resetReset your character.

/whisper [on/off]Enable / disable whisper.

/clearpkClear killer status

/post [message]Sends a message to the whole server.

/addstr [points]Adds points to Strength.

/addagi [points]Adds points to Agility.

/addsta [points]Adds points to Life.

/addene [points]Adds points to Energy.

/addcmd [points]Adds points to Command.

/requests [on/off]Enable / disable requests in-game.

/reset onEnable auto reset in-game.

/evoEnable auto evolve of characters to certain job classes.

/money [ammout]Enable auto zen in game.

/clearinvAutomatically clear your main and expanded invertories in game.

/readdAutomatically reset you stats.

/treeresetAutomatically reset you master skill tree.

/rename [name]Automatically rename your character name.