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Sitio Web oustcraft.com
Discord Discord
Estatus Online
Ultimo Ping21 minutes 51 seconds ago
Versión 1.20.4
Tipo AntiGrief Arena Pvp Build ChestShop
Ultima Actualización08 Mar 2024
Fecha de Ingreso25 Jan 2024


Tired of everyone griffin and destroying your build? OR maybe you are new to Minecraft and just want to play game together with friends in server with friendly community and have no worry of someone making day harder? OustCraft is right place, it is almost raw gameplay with some changes, we have small events and easy command list so only thing that can change your place in server leaderboards is how much and what you like to build, maybe you are a grinder, come in, we have some crazy players that loooove to stay up long and build / mine there way, LIKE to stay AFK so your farm gets more loot? That is completely understandable and allowed.

COME and JOIN in server with chill.

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